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West Fork Veterinary Services

West Fork Veterinary Services provides clients in North Central West Virginia with ambulatory veterinary care focused on livestock and farm animals . Dr. Robert Stenger is excited to be back in the area and looks forward to working with you to reach your animal care or production goals.

Dr. Stenger is a native of Harrison County having graduated from South Harrison High School. He grew up on a livestock, beef cattle, and small ruminant farm outside of Lost Creek. He has worked with cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock animals his entire life. While in Veterinary School at Mississippi State University he gained a wide scope of experience working with cattle, horses, and small ruminants. He had externships in Ohio, Nebraska, and two internationally in Uruguay and Romania. This broad range of experiences and his experience growing up in livestock agriculture has provided him with the experience needed to practice.



Our Services


Typical animals served will be cattle, horses, sheep, goats, farm dogs, and all other farm or production animals. Though the education at Mississippi State provided Dr. Stenger with the skills and knowledge for small animal companion practice, we are choosing not to routinely service these patients. Our goal is to provide on the farm service to our clients, and at this time we are not set up to properly care for small animal companion species. We will be providing service to farm dogs cats that would not be taken to a regular small animal clinic otherwise, such as guardian or herding dogs or barn cats.

Dr. Stenger is a licensed animal health professional trained to diagnose and treat illnesses of all species. To arrange an appointment call the office at 304.745.5110. If no one answers the call will automatically be forward to his cell phone. You may need to leave a message as many of our clients are in locations that do not have cell phone service. Dr. Stenger can access these messages on the road and will return your call as soon as practical. Please make sure that your message clearly states your name and contact information at the beginning and end of your message, and please include the reason for your call and severity of problem so that the doctor can schedule appropriately. Also include a brief description of your location if you are a first time client, as Dr. Stenger may be nearby and could stop by on his way to or from another call.

We offer general health exams, vaccination and herd health work, blood drawing and disease testing, emergency care, and perform field surgeries. Other services include monitoring the reproductive health of the breeding stock, performing artificial insemination, assisting with difficult births, and conducting pre-purchase exams.

Dr. Stenger will be on call for potential emergencies on weekends and holidays; however, if you have a non-emergency it is best to call Tuesday through Saturday during normal operating hours of 8am. to 6pm.



Our Team


Dr. Robert Stenger

Dr. Stenger is a 2019 graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. His passion in veterinary medicine is helping farmers find a way to be profitable while ensuring a high standard of animal care. Having spent time in developing countries he is interested in helping to improve animal protein availability to these areas in need.

He got his undergraduate degree from Dension University in Granville, OH where he received a BS in Biology. After college he spent two years working on his family’s farm, building a stave construction house, and traveling across the USA on motorcycle, stopping along the way to work with veterinarians in Nebraska, Idaho, and Montana.

When not making veterinary calls he is most likely to be found working on Stenger Farms a multi-generational livestock operation focused on extensive grazing practices. Katahdin hair sheep and commercial Angus crossed cattle are our the main livestock species.

In his free time he enjoys carpentry, getting a group of guys together to play a game of basketball, or traveling. He has been fortunate to make connections all over the world and has traveled for pleasure and as part of his veterinary training having spent extended time in Australia, The Republic of Georgia, Uganda, Uruguay, and Romania.




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Please call the office at 304.745.5110 to speak with Dr. Stenger regarding rates. Standard rates are $100/hour for services, $60/hour for traveling fee, and then medications or cost of goods in addition. Rates may vary according to distance, time of appointment, etc.

Emergency fee: Regular business hours are 8am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday. If an emergency trip is made outside of these hours, or Dr. Stenger has to leave another call to see an emergency, then a $50 emergency fee may be charged at his discretion.

Herd work may be scheduled outside of regular hours if appointment is made in advance.





You may contact Dr. Stenger via this form, however the quickest way to reach West Fork Veterinary Services is to phone 304.745.5110.